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Domino D-Series Lasers

The new i-Tech scan head is smaller and adjustable, allowing the D-Series lasers to be installed in the most restricted spaces. A new IP65 version design adds greater protection for harsh environment installations. Flexible connectivity and a familiar interface now make it possible to control D-Series lasers from anywhere. Improved performance at high line speeds through the patented optional i-Tech RapidScan technology.



Product Description

More flexibility – simplifies integration 

Fit is a big issue, so we’ve gone small. We’ve also separated the components to create a modular design, making the D-Series laser easy to install. It simply adapts to your production line set-up.
Easy to install
Full length integrated mounting rails on both sides of the laser head and its smaller overall footprint makes the D-Series an easy and safe installation.
The key to the D-Series flexibility is a smaller i-Tech scan head, connected to the laser tube on a multi-position mount. The head can be rotated through 90 degree steps to allow for many mounting positions, and because it is so much smaller, it can easily fit where bigger lasers cannot.

More convenience – saves time

As an operator, you can manage the coder by either our intuitive remote TouchPanel or via its web-based interface from any industrial PC. For the ultimate in flexibility, the D-Series can also be controlled via your production line interface.
Easy to operate
D-Series uses QuickStep, our unique simplified operator user interface for effortless control and status reporting. No complex menus or parameters, just enter the job and you are ready to print. Once logged in, set-up is fast. Edits and message changes are instantly updated in the system. Production data can be uploaded or downloaded from the controller via USB or via Ethernet network.

More protection – enhances reliability

Built to last
An optional IP65 version adds protection to the laser tube while not compromising on overall size. Its aluminium and stainless steel construction gives you lasting performance in the harshest environments.
Peace of mind
The robust controller is the ultimate in reliable equipment. It stores message data without the need for a hard drive, minimising the number of moving parts in the whole system. It can also be hidden under the production line, away from the laser, or rack mounted to save space and reduce the likelihood of accidental damage.
Our pharma option offers unique user passwords and change reporting to be 21-CFR part 11 and GAMP compliant. This can be supplied and installed with validation packages to ensure that systems are tested and proven to the highest standards.

More performance – increases efficiency 

Faster without compromise
The i-Tech scan head is the fastest scan head of its kind – resulting from its optimised mirror and software control plus the revolutionary patented i-Tech RapidScan technology. RapidScan makes our lasers 20% faster for high-speed applications than other scribing lasers as D-Series can track the product for longer by using the optimum configuration of the mark field.
The new i-Tech RapidScan also improves the ability of D-Series to code difficult to mark materials and to print longer or more complex codes where more energy or time is required to scribe the code. D-Series delivers results where other scribing lasers have already reached their limit.
Versatile performance
The new D-Series offers a power range of 10W, 30W and 60W lasers to fit all your coding needs, from low to high speed applications, basic to complex codes, and for all production environments.
Safe and clean
With any laser it is important to consider extraction of fumes and particles to maintain a safe and clean working environment. The Domino DPX fume extraction range integrates with D-Series and provides an efficient and simple solution.