V120i Thermal Transfer Printer

Compared to traditional contact coders such as hot-stamp or roller coders, digital thermal transfer coding offers superior print quality, profitability and lower running costs. Even against comparable thermal transfer coders our revolutionary new i-Tech Ribbon Drive uses up to 60% less ribbon. Combined with easy installation, versatility and reliable performance, renowned global support from Domino makes V120i the perfect choice for both manufacturers and packaging machinery OEMs.


Product Description

Going digital means sharp coding and greater profitability

Our 300dpi resolution digital print head can print logos as well as text over a wide area offering greater coding capability. It guarantees a consistent readable code every time, compared to typeface that becomes worn through the high impact of hotstamp.
Real time
A real time clock allows variable data such as date and time information to be updated automatically between prints with no manual intervention, minimising the risk of costly coding errors.
WYSIWYG selection of electronically stored messages ensures quick, error free  job changes

Lowest running costs – thanks to the i-Tech Ribbon Drive 

Domino’s i-Tech Ribbon Drive offers 4 ribbon save settings including ‘Economy Mode’ which allows you to use up to 60% less ribbon per print – without affecting print quality. As well as reducing ribbon costs this increases the effective ribbon roll length, significantly reducing costs associated with ribbon changeovers.
Downtime caused by ribbon breaks is virtually eliminated by i-Tech’s unique Dancing Arms, which constantly maintain ribbon tension. Additionally, the system does not need compressed air, further improving reliability and reducing running costs

Performance to match your application

Intermittent or Continuous Mode is offered in the same unit, which can quickly convert between Left and Right handing to be ready to fit all applications. You do not need a dedicated controller – use any PC based interface with the V120i, including a host packaging machine interface, to meet the needs of your application.
Full range of Domino approved ribbons that comply with latest legislative and environmental standards.
The V120i can print from low to high speeds (10-750mm/sec). The integrated print head heater ensures consistent code quality, even at low operating temperatures.

Quick and easy to install 

The V120i is compact, allowing it to fit simply into many existing coding spaces. A small power supply, few cable connections and the opportunity to control many printers from one interface makes for a quick and simple installation.
AutoAlign, our unique (patent applied for) head control technology, simplifies installation by automatically aligning the print head to the optimum position at the touch of a button – without the need for shims or tools. It also controls the print head electronically, eliminating the need for compressed air.